Audience participation prototype for sound & sight


We are developing ways for our audience to interact with the story and characters in “The Cannon and the Flower. ”

During the POV Hackathon 4, the project team built a prototype of an audience engagement tool. We will use a Chopin piece that inspired Madame Lien and Dang Thai Son and will ask Instagram users all over the world to submit photos that express their emotions. We want to engage people in how music effects emotion, and build an audience  for the documentary. This experiment will create a dynamic and always changing visual interpretation of the piece.

You can view our prototype of this component at the link below. For the POV Hackathon 4, we asked Instagram users to submit photos on the topic of music for a beta test of the concept. We curated a selection for you to view. This is in an experimental phase – we’d love your comments. Please go to The Cannon and The Flower Facebook page and join in the conversation:

Here’s the POV page on the hackathon:  hackathon-648-240x100